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ITE ITIL Express Service Management Software Features:

>> General:
  • 100% Web Based.
  • Simple Forms and Workflows.
  • ITIL / ISO 20000 Compliant.
  • Mail Alarms and mail follow-up.
  • SLA Alarms.
  • LDAP authentication.
  • On-Demand Software (SaaS) - No installation, No infrastructure required.
  • Open Plataform (Java, web).
>> Configuration Management Module:
  • Store and Manage Inventory and Configuration information.
  • 100% configurable CMDB allows to create or Modify CI types.
  • Add any type of attributes to CI types.
  • Create any type of relation between Configuration Items.
  • PC automatic Inventory.
>> Incident and Service Request Management:
  • Incident and Service Request Follow-up.
  • Enter tickets (Incidents or service Requests) by web or mail.
  • Incidents are related to IT Services, can be related to Individual CIs and other tickets.
  • Adjustable Priorities and States.
  • Automatic configurable mails to users and Technicians on ticket changes.
  • Alarms.
  • User Confirmation mail for closure.
  • Opened Time statistics, adjustments for non-working hours, on-hold states.
  • Common Causes Statistics.
  • Search features for knowledgebase access.
  • Real worked Time statistics.
  • Ticket Review for post-closure analysis.
  • Easy Creation of Changes, Problems or Purchases derived from the ticket.
>> Change and Release Management:
  • Control complex or risky changes.
  • Plan and schedule changes.
  • Define Change Advisory Board and Ask for Advice.
  • Record CAB authorization.
  • Users Notification and link with affected services and Configuration Items.
  • Change Documentation.
  • Post Implementation Review.
  • Template for release management planning guidance.
  • Change Statistics.
  • Easy Creation of Purchases derived from the ticket.
>> Problem Management:
  • Problem and Known Error Follow-up.
  • Easy to relate to other tickets.
  • Easy Creation of Change Requests Related to a problem.
  • Problem Statistics.
>> Purchase Management:
  • Quote Requests.
  • Record and evaluate Quotes.
  • Technical Recommendation.
  • Quote Approval.
  • Purchase Order.
  • Purchase Evaluation and Payment enablement.
>> Reports:
  • Statistics by type of ticket, and affected services.
  • Incident Management, Service Requests.
  • Worked time, Opened Time.
  • Office hours adjustments.
  • Multiple Tables, charts and listings.
>> Service Provider / Enterprise Features:
  • Supports multiple service desks.
  • Supports multiple clients.
  • Reports by client and by service desk.
Service Management Software
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